In November 1987 Aldo Gurgone established the William Street Family Therapy Centre to provide counselling & therapy for individuals, couples and families; as well as being a Training Centre of Excellence in Family, Couple and Individual Therapy.

The Centre is housed in a classic Australian Federation ‘turn of the 20th century building’, with its trademark high ceilings, polished wood floor boards and stained glass doors and windows.


In 1997 a new wing was added to the Centre. This was to better cater for the ever expanding requirements of both the community and health professionals.

Professional consulting rooms were made available for a variety of health and allied professionals on a full-time, part-time or as required basis. For bookings or further information please call (08) 9227 8038.

Aldo also founded the Relationship & Growth Centre which was established to offer self-help video and audio tapes designed to improve relationships at different levels. They include BETTER COUPLE COMMUNICATION, & FAIR FUGHTING (for couples having difficulties in their communication and conflict resolution) and PARENTS’ DRUG SURVIVAL KIT, & KIDS’ DRUG SURVIVAL KIT (for families who are experiencing early substance use by their children).These products offer people the opportunity to improve their skills of communication in the comfort of their own home. They have both “do-it-yourself manuals” as well as “professional manuals”, and can be used by individuals, couples & families, as well as professionals helping clients.



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From 1987 William Street Family Therapy Centre has conducted a vast array of professional training events: Workshop, Seminars, Talks, Symposiums, Short Courses, Intensive Training Courses, Two-Year Training Courses, Supervision, and Agency Training opportunities amongst other events. This has resulted in the Two-Year Graduate Diploma in Family & Relationship Therapy Training Course being accredited through the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT). AAFT is the premier professional association in Australian the field of Family & Relationship Therapy.


These courses offer practical training which is industry-related for professionals wanting to achieve a qualification which can assist them to work in a related field or to progress in their chosen career.