ALDO GURGONE is a Clinical Psychologist & Director of the William Street Family Therapy Centre (Mount Lawley, Western Australia).  He has worked in Australia, the UK, Italy, South East Asia and South America, and has conducted Supervision and Training Courses in Family & Relationship Therapy for over 40 years.

When a couple separates emotional levels are often very aroused and there is a high risk of reactivity.  Separation in a relationship has very profound repercussions for both people separating, as well as children and other significant people connected to the couple.  If separation is the best decision for the couple, then that decision needs to be well-thought through.  Separation often does not resolve issues that are contentious.  Separation may help to stop the unresolved conflict that the couple have been struggling with.  However, once separation is decided, then the couple would need to find ways to use the separation to end the vicious cycle of conflict and develop a more functional way of communicating and “laying to rest” the dead relationship that wasn’t working.

 This workshop will explore the following areas:

  • Helping couples clarify what they mean by ‘separation’;     
  • Helping couples work jointly in planning separation;
  • Helping couples plan how and when to let children know what is happening;
  • How couples can help children to grieve the death of the family that was;
  • Helping couples grieve the death of their relationship;
  • How couples can minimise fallout from separation;
  • How couples can work together in making wise decisions after separation;
  • Helping parents to foster the best relationship for children with both parents;
  • Helping couples to assist extended family members in dealing with the separation.

This workshop is useful for anyone working with individuals, children, adolescents, parents & family members who are affected by separation.  It will assist you in doing therapy so that couples who have decided to separate are better able to focus on ending the conflict, laying to rest the dead relationship and developing a new and better way of communicating so that separation works to help the two members of the couple grieve, and be in a better state to functionally provide for the needs of children who are affected by separation.

 Date:      Saturday 6 November 2021 9.30am – 4.30pm

Cost:      Regular:               $286 (Includes GST) if paid after 8 October 2021  

                Earlybird:            $242 (Includes GST) if paid before 8 October 2021

Light Lunch, morning & afternoon tea & coffee provided

Venue:   Conference Room, William Street Family Therapy Centre

544 William Street, Mount Lawley Western Australia 6050 (cnr Chelmsford Road)

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